About Us

The mission of Unity Mortgage is to provide financial institutions the opportunity to expand their borrowers’ home financing options by offering a full menu of competitively priced residential mortgage products and services. Unity Mortgage strives to provide a variety of loan programs for both low-income and first-time homebuyers, as well as for moderate to higher income borrowers. 

Unity Mortgage Benefits Borrowers, Financial Institutions and the Communities They Serve

  • Provides financial institutions and their members/customers access to the secondary market and all of the programs offering competitive long-term rates. 
  • Provides assistance with promoting mortgages to your borrowers with educational and promotional pieces.
  • Flexible management of the loan process where you can be the direct contact or Unity Mortgage based on your preference. 
  • No overhead costs. Unity Mortgage takes on the mortgage product expenses.
  • No Liability. The loan will close under Unity Mortgage.
  • A great source of non-interest income for your financial institution. 
  • Additional financing options for your real estate business besides keeping the loan in-house or not doing the loan at all.
  • Access to multiple loan programs to fit your member/customer’s needs and qualifications.